There are many reasons that our customers ask us to assist with their medication packaging needs. Many retain us so that they can remain in their own home for longer. These patients are able to accomplish all their normal daily activities but organizing and correctly taking their medications can be a problem. Other times a family will ask us to help their loved one in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. We offer free delivery on a weekly or bi- weekly basis of the prepared medication tray to the place of residence.

The Medicine Shoppe staff will ask that any maintenance medications be brought into the store including vitamins and supplements. Once this is done our team will compare this list with what the primary physician has on their list. We will then arrange the meds in such a way as to minimize side effects and maximize results. The reverse side of the medication tray will have this up to date medication list attached for easy reference. Any needed refills will be automatically taken care of by the staff. We have found this process takes a large burden off of the patient or caregiver and frees them to do more enjoyable things. Let us know if we can help in this way.

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